A Free Guide To The Best Free VPN Services 2023

    Finding a completely free VPN is a very challenging task. It may be possible that there will be a completely free VPN that fulfills your needs. Most free VPNs cannot unblock famous OTT and streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO max that are from unsupported regions. They restrict the speed and features in the serviceable area. that makes them useless. Free VPNs can be dangerous and put your privacy at risk.

    A completely free VPN sounds good which means using unsupported content online anonymously without spending money. However, there are very few free VPNs that are good at downloading even if they are restricted in terms of servers and speeds.

    What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

    Virtual Private Networks are called VPNs and they are great ways to view OTT content or stream TV and movies from other unsupported regions.VPNs can help to stay safe and anonymous, to protect your identity and privacy when you browse online. Typically, paid VPN services offer much more features than their free plan option but that isn’t necessary when we talk about VPNs. 

    Free VPNs need support somehow, so you have to understand how the provider can offer its services to lower-class people without taking a single cent. For this, the best option is freemium, which means that you’ll get unlimited usage of limited services of the fully paid product. 

    Truly, there are a large number of free VPNs available to use online, but most of them aren’t good to use. Some of the free VPN apps show huge unwanted ads and may sell your data. 

    You need to understand that there’s no such thing as free lunch, they provide free for your personal data. In order to get a profit from provided service, many free VPNs company sell your personal information, your web traffic, and personal IP addresses to data collection companies. then, these data collection companies sell your personal data to advertisers and marketers that deal in targeted ads.

    In the end, we will describe the dangers of using free VPNs and how to avoid those harmful offers.

    These are the free VPNs that provide services to the mass. Please read the name carefully because you need to beware of all of these.

    • Hola Free VPN
    • Psiphon
    • Touch VPN
    • VPN Gate
    • LinkVPN
    • Betternet VPN
    • SuperVPN
    • ThunderVPN
    • AnonyTun
    • CrossVPN
    • sFly Network Booster
    • OKVPN
    • EasyVPN
    • Hoxx VPN
    • Archie VPN
    • Hat VPN
    • Private Pipe VPN
    • Tuxler VPN
    • GO VPN
    • Hexatech
    • FinchVPN
    • VPN One Click
    • Fast Secure Payment
    • TurboVPN

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